Episode 4: Traffic - Hiking - Castle

We were so excited about exploring Scotland that we didn’t think about the inevitable things that car journeys can bring … we ended up finding ourselves stuck in traffic for more than 4 hours! But the unexpected created opportunities to be creative, such as – push- starting our van, playing guitar on the highway, handcrafting bows, and we even attempted to “van surf”!

But, the best part was when Joakim and Nils started cooking. We could see most of our ‘road neighbours’ smiling at us – probably because of Nils’s courgette chopping skills…

Next stop: an old Torpedo Testing facility in Arrochar that was used during World War II. It’s been abandoned since 1986 and was partially demolished in 2007, since then nothing has changed. Although most of the buildings are demolished and/or burned, it’s apparently a known place for the local fishermen.

Inspired, we made fishing rods and tried to catch fish with corn and bread … a piece of advice: It doesn’t work!

The next day we briefly stopped to see the “Falls of Falloch” waterfall before going for a hike on one of the tallest hills around. The weather was quite bad, but hey, we needed to enjoy every moment right?! We were soaking wet and walking barefoot – but the experience was amazing!

On our way back we saw two hinds, a fawn and Nils found a nice deer antler – which we ended up attaching to the front of ‘The big blue Whale’, real old western style.

We then spent the night in Fort William next to the castle “Old Inverlochy Castle”.

The next morning we went to check the castle out, and although it was interesting, it wasn’t quite what we were hoping for and also very touristy.

Back on the road we stopped to see the famous Glennfinan Viaduct (any Harry Potter fans out there?!) and the Glenfinnan Monument. The viaduct was impressively big!

Last destination of the day (and this blog post): Castle Tioram. We did a bit of research on it and found it looked amazing. It was quite far from “civilisation” and on a peninsula, so naturally we were pumped to go check it out!

Scotland is definitely mysterious and beautiful in many ways. We already saw so much in just a few days, we love it!

Thanks to Olivia for correcting my english.

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