Episode 2: Driving up to Scotland

Driving, driving and driving! This resumes our days of the 3rd and the 4th of August.

After a quick look at our map of the United Kingdom, we decided to “take our time” on our way to Glasgow in Scotland and stop somewhere on the East Coast and then on the West Coast.

We stopped first on the little town of Mablethorpe to find a place where to sleep. But wait, first we want to see the ocean! Finally, we stayed more than an hour jumping around at the huge beach of Mablethorpe.

We decided to leave the town to find a nice and calm place because our idea was to always avoid sleeping in cities, but rather to stop in a quiet or even unusual place to sleep. We ended up in the middle of fields covered with hay bales and found a little space next to a small stream: perfect! This place is amazing and the contrast between the colors of the sky, the hay and the green grass is siiick! As every normal person would do, we quickly went jumping and having fun on the hay bales.

We had spotted on the map an old church that we assumed abandoned and we decided to approach it, while on our way we stopped in front of a meadow full of cows to contemplate the colors of the sunset.

Finally we saw the church, but we were on the wrong side of the stream… well, apparently we’ll explore the church tomorrow so we walked back to the van and started to cook food: tonight it’s couscous and canned raviolis!

New day, new adventure! We visited the church, which is indeed abandoned and found interesting to analyze the gravestones. I took the opportunity to try to fly my drone inside the church… I almost crashed it a few times!

Back on the road, we drove a few hours and then, as expected, we stopped on the West Coast in a small village called Maryport to have dinner and stay for the night. We found a small typical pub where we spent the evening with good food and played pools. Nils and Kevin chose the famous "Fish'n'Chips" and the rest of the crew had burgers, bon appétit!

By late evening we drove a little bit outside the village and found a wonderful place near the ocean where we parked for the night.

After all the driving, we are super excited because tomorrow we will finally arrive in Glasgow, Scotland!

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