Episode 0: WeMakeIt Crowdfunding

Hello !

Following our trip to Scotland from July to September 2015 we made a video that summarizes our trip, that you can watch down below. It was in the process of making this video that we realised it was impossible to use everything we filmed and photographed in a single movie. This is why we created the project “Beyond Scotland“.

We want to share our experiences and thoughts in a creative yet simple way in the form of articles, photos and video episodes. In this way, we hope that we can inspire and encourage people around us to step out of their comfort zone, challenge themselves more, and invite them to become more spontaneous in life and to not take simple things in every-day life for granted, but instead to be grateful for what we have.

However we need your help to realize this project, this is why we created a crowdfunding project on the WeMakeTt platform. If you wish to participate in this project, I invite you to take a look by clicking on the link below and you may also like our Beyond The Roads Facebook page.

We are endlessly appreciative for the support you give us – in whatever way it may be, because without you, we could not pursue and fulfil our passions and future projects.

Watch Beyond Scotland: A Spontaneous Adventure Support our project on WeMakeIt

Thank you so so much !