An adventure that will allow you to experience and feel traveling, discovering new cultures and new languages

through the eyes of two young teenagers.

Imagine you as a child and one day, a professional surfer offers to take you with him on a journey around the world! Meeting other professional surfers and making new friends and discover new cultures. This what Luke and Tyler lived through the documentary "Walking on Water".

My name is Kevin Ryser, I'm 23 and I watched this documentary several years ago and it really inspired me. From that moment, I said to myself that one day I would find two young and take them on a trip!

The Journey of Change is a documentary about the meeting of Gustavo and Roberto who are both living on different continents and who share the same passion for parkour. We desire through this project to help share the joys, simplicity and beauty that life holds; to take a deep breath, to enjoy the small things in life, to allow your eyes to be opened and focused on the good that is still in the world and to encourage you to be thankful for the gift of life.


Parkour is a discipline with thousands of practitioners around the world of different ages, cultures and ideologies. Parkour has no rules or competition, it\'s a way of moving freely through the environment. We believe that parkour is more than just a sport, but a tool that helps you face limits, to adapt and overcome obstacles who can be either physical or mental.

The journey

14th to 18th of July

Garden Camp No Limits - Switzerland

19th to 21th of July

St-Prex and Lausanne - Switzerland

22th to 27th of July

Fontainebleau, Evry, Lisses and Paris - France

28th of July to 4th of August

London, Cambridge, Brighton and Cornwall - England

Embark on an unique journey through Switzerland, France and England made by experiences and unforgettable encouters, that we believe in seeing our - sometimes seemingly ordinary lives as - extraordinary!